The Current State of Remote Work Trends

The way we work is changing. Significantly, swiftly, and in ways that were once practically impossible to anticipate. After years of slow and steady momentum - a few hours a week here, a port of the workforce there - the global pandemic has accelerated remote work for millions of employees across numerous industries and roles.

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HR20/20 Report The IPMA-HR Guide to Transformative HR

IPMA-HR established an HR20/20 taskforce to determine trends that will impact the challenges and opportunities facing public sector human resource professionals.

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The Ultimate Guide to Video Interviewing

Video interviewing’s presence in the hiring process has changed dramatically in recent months. Organizations from small businesses to international corporations use it to improve their candidate pool and their time-to-hire.

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Remote Proctoring

A Viable Option for Testing?

Also known as online or virtual proctoring, refers to various technological tools implemented in an internet-based testing process that perform functions similar to those of live human proctors for the purposes of ensuring candidate identification, maintaining test security and controlling cheating during test administrations.

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Succession Planning

Preparing for Your Agency's Future

According to a 2014 IPMA-HR Benchmarking Report on talent management, “4 out of 10 public sector Human Resources practitioners’ agencies could lose 20% or more of their employees to retirement within the next five years”

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Employee Engagement:

Results from a 2016 National Survey

Decades of research have shown that employee engagement is linked to organizational performance, including in government. Engaged employees find their work meaningful and rewarding.

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